Open Access and Medical Publishing White Paper

The Open Access and Medical Publishing White Paper, titled A Multistakeholder Discussion on Open Access and Medical Publishing, was released during the 15th Annual Meeting of ISMPP, April 15-17, 2019, in National Harbor, MD. The White Paper is the first-ever released by the Society.

"The Open Access White Paper fulfills an important need among the medical publishing community for comprehensive, multistakeholder perspectives on the evolution of open access publishing and its current and anticipated future state," stated Al Weigel, ISMPP President and CEO, who announced its availability at the 15th Annual Meeting.

The White Paper covers a variety of key topics related to open access publishing, such as:

  • Potential benefits and concerns of Plan S in Europe and its requirement that publications resulting from scientific research funded by public grants must be published in compliant open access journals/platforms by January 1, 2020
  • Implications of open access for different stakeholders, including academic authors, patients, the pharmaceutical industry, and not-for-profit funders
  • Various stakeholder perspectives on the future of open access

Chinese Translation of Open Access and Medical Publishing White Paper
Released May 2022

The ISMPP Open Access White Paper, A Multistakeholder Discussion on Open Access and Medical Publishing, has been translated into the Chinese language. Access the translated White Paper.

Open Access is becoming more common, and the translated White Paper is intended to aid professionals in China to become more familiar with the history, benefits, and different models of Open Access.

We greatly thank the following individuals for their work on the Chinese translation:

Ronnie Lin, Global R&D Center, Fosun Pharma
Greta Ge, Scientific Communication, Lilly China Drug Development and Medical Affairs Center, Eli Lilly and Company, and her team members Chunli Shi, Linmin Chen, and Yu Chen
Isaac Ma, Medical Communication, Parexel

The Chinese translation of the Open Access White paper was developed as an effort of the Asia Pacific workstream of the ISMPP Advocacy & Outreach Committee.