Beginning in 2022, all new and recertifying CMPP credentials will be valid for 5 years, or on a 5-year certification cycle! The current 3-year certification cycle has been extended to a 5-year cycle for CMPPs with a 2022 expiration date and future certifying or recertifying CMPPS.

PLEASE NOTE THAT CMPPs with an expiry of 2022 or earlier must still recertify on their expiration date. CMPPs who certify/recertify in 2022 and beyond will have their next cycle expire in 5 years, as shown in the table below.

Year Certified

Length of Certification

Year to Recertify


3 years



3 years



3 years



5 years


The Certification Board is excited to have made this decision to:

  • Ensure our cycle duration is appropriate for the nature and maturity of our industry and the rate of change that occurs (NCCA Standards)
  • More closely align the cycle duration with other credentials in the healthcare industry
  • Simplify the recertification process by requiring fewer exams/recertifications

Consistent with the number of credits required per year in the 3-year cycle (ie, 10), the 5-year cycle requires:

  • 50 credits over the 5-year cycle
  • ≥ 8 credits per year but ≤ 12 credits in the final year


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ISMPP is extending the time for CMPPs with a 2021 expiration date to recertify via exam by 1 year, or until the end of 2022. This applies only to CMPPs with a certification expiry of 12/31/2021. This is a one-time extension and will not alter the certification cycle.

Therefore, if you recertify via exam in 2022 for a 2021 expiration, your next certification cycle still expires in 2024.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have recertified by exam with a 12/31/2021 expiration date and intend to recertify via credit in 2024, you may begin earning credits in 2022 and continue in 2023 and 2024 for your 12/31/2024 expiration. 

CMPPs who recertify via credit do not have an extended time to recertify.

Recertification Information

Starting in 2017, candidates who earn their CMPP™ certification will be valid for three years, after which, certificants must apply to recertify. 

Recertification can be accomplished in one of two ways:

  • Retake the CMPP™ examination at a test center or online

  • Earn 30 recertification credits over the 3-year certification period

  • Were you certified in 2019? If yes, then 2022 is your year to recertify! 

Documentation Required For CE Activities

  • For CMPPs planning to recertify via credit, you must have documentation to prove your participation for every activity in your Credit Tracker
  • You should use the “Upload Certificate” field to enter your documentation
  • See the CMPP Documentation Requirements for Earned CE Credits Quick Guide in the Resources below for detailed information

More than 50 self-study activities are now available for CE credit! See the list of Approved CMPP™ Activities below to access them.

New! How to use the credit tracker video:


Credit Tracker Instruction Guide - please note the credit tracker works best in Chrome browser

ISMPP Recertification Policy

Recertification Fact Sheet

ISMPP Recertification Handbook

NOTE: The Recertification Handbook is currently being updated to include new information about the new exam blueprint, certification cycle, and exam fees. Please view the video below for the most current information on these topics.

Click here to view the October 26, 2022 CMPP ISMPP University Webinar

CMPP Documentation Quick Guide

Approved CMPP™ Activities

Recertification Application

Request for Credit Approval Form

Guidelines for Approving Continuing Education (CE) Activities