In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ISMPP is extending the time for CMPPs with a 2021 expiration date to recertify via exam by 1 year, or until the end of 2022. This applies only to CMPPs with a certification expiry of 12/31/2021. This is a one-time extension and will not alter the certification cycle.

Therefore, if you recertify via exam in 2022 for a 2021 expiration, your next certification cycle still expires in 2024.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have recertified by exam with a 12/31/2021 expiration date and intend to recertify via credit in 2024, you may begin earning credits in 2022 and continue in 2023 and 2024 for your 12/31/2024 expiration. 

CMPPs who recertify via credit do not have an extended time to recertify.

Recertification Information

Starting in 2017, candidates who earn their CMPP™ certification will be valid for three years, after which, certificants must apply to recertify. 

Recertification can be accomplished in one of two ways:

  • Retake the CMPP™ examination

  • Earn 30 recertification credits over the 3-year certification period

  • Were you certified in 2019? If yes, then 2022 is your year to recertify! 

 Documentation Required For CE Activities

  • For CMPPs planning to recertify via credit, you must have documentation to prove your participation for every activity in your Credit Tracker
  • You should use the “Upload Certificate” field to enter your documentation
  • See the CMPP Documentation Requirements for Earned CE Credits Quick Guide in the Resources below for detailed information

More than 25 self-study activities are now available for CE credit! See the list of Approved CMPP™ Activities below to access them.

New! How to use the credit tracker video:


Credit Tracker Instruction Guide - please note the credit tracker works best in Chrome browser

ISMPP Recertification Policy

ISMPP Recertification Handbook

CMPP Documentation Quick Guide

Approved CMPP™ Activities

Recertification Application

Why Recertify?

Newly Updated 2021: Webinar Recording: Discovering the Value and Path to the CMPP™ Credential and Illuminating the Recertification Process

Request for Credit Approval Form

Guidelines for Approving Continuing Education (CE) Activities