GPP 2022 Guidelines

The 2022 update of the Good Publication Practice (GPP 2022) guidelines, a key guidance document for the publication of company-sponsored biomedical research, was published in Annals of Internal Medicine on August 30, 2022. Access GPP 2022 in Annals of Internal Medicine.

DeTora LM, Toroser D, Sykes A, et al. Good Publication Practice (GPP) guidelines for company-sponsored biomedical research: 2022 update. Ann Intern Med. 30 August 2022. [Epub ahead of print]. doi:10.7326/M22-1460
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GPP 2022 is the third update of the original GPP guidelines, which were published in 2003 and updated in 2009 as GPP2 and in 2015 as GPP3. GPP 2022 was reorganized to provide ready-to-go advice for teams and give an overview of the basic best practices for planning and developing biomedical publications. A table mapping GPP3 contents to the GPP 2022 update is included.

Translations of GPP 2022

Translations of GPP 2022 into the Chinese language and Japanese language are being made available, with the aim of expanding the global reach of GPP 2022 guidelines and broadening the adoption of good publication practices.

Chinese Translation
Access the Chinese translation of the GPP 2022 publication and its supplement (available as of April 2023).

ISMPP would like to acknowledge Lilly China Scientific Communication team for their work in developing the Chinese translation of GPP 2022: Project led by Chunli Shi and Yunpeng Guo; Translation done by Yunjing Zhang, Zipei Xiao, Mengting Zhang, Yu Mao, Yunpeng Guo, Linmin Chen, Fangling Zhang, Shu Wang and Chunli Shi. ISMPP would also like to thank Ronnie Lin (Hasten Biopharma) and Greta Ge (Lilly China Drug Development and Medical Affairs Center, Lilly Suzhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.) for their review and proofread of the Chinese translation.

When using the Chinese version of GPP (2022), please state that you cite the translation from the ISMPP website (Chinese translation) and cite the original version of the GPP 2022 publication in Annals of Internal Medicine.

Japanese Translation
Access the Japanese translation of the GPP 2022 publication and its supplement (available as of September 2023).

ISMPP would like to acknowledge ThinkSCIENCE, Inc. for development of the Japanese translation of GPP 2022; Translation done by Miyoko Street, PhD and Yuki Hidaka; editing by Yuki Hidaka. ISMPP would also like to thank Mieko Hamana, MPH, DMS (National Center for Global Health and Medicine); Haruko Isomura; and Yoshiko Okamoto, PhD (MeWSS), in alphabetical order, for their review and proofread of the Japanese translation.

When using the Japanese version of GPP (2022), please state that you cite the translation from the ISMPP website (Japanese translation) and cite the original version of the GPP 2022 publication in Annals of Internal Medicine.

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