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The references listed below include critical source material to aid the CMPP™ candidate in preparation for the CMPP™ Certification Exam. It will be important for candidates to be familiar with the core critical references listed as they represent important go-to resources for publication professionals. 

Supplemental references are also provided for each of the 3 knowledge domains the exam covers – Develop a Publication Plan, Implement a Publication Plan, and Foster Ethical and Compliant Behavior in Medical Publications, as well as the task Monitor Evolving Trends Related to the Medical Publication Profession, which appears in each domain – to help candidates gain more insight into specific areas. Some of these source documents will be applicable and relevant to more than one domain.

It’s important to note that exam preparation should not be limited to the references contained in this list. For ISMPP members, the archived ISMPP U and Annual Meeting presentations are excellent resources that can be accessed and used to review key topics as well as refresh knowledge about specific areas.

To access these resources you may sign into the ISMPP Member Center.


The best way to prepare for the CMPP™ exam is through day-to-day practical experience, working alongside experienced medical publication professionals and participation in ongoing continuing education in the field. As you begin creating an individualized study plan, you will find this guide provides a comprehensive – but not exhaustive – list of useful resources of supplemental information for exam candidates in those areas where they may not have direct experience.

We hope this helps you identify and fulfill any knowledge gaps you may have as you prepare for the exam.

Good luck!

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