CMPP™ Mentor Program

Are You an ISMPP CMPP™? Do You Want to Share Your Experience

With Others? 

Consider Becoming a CMPP Mentor!

CMPP Mentors are volunteers who support our growing Mentor Program. Members of this group of committed professionals offer small amounts of time to support candidates in their pursuit of the CMPP credential. Specifically, they:

  • Discuss the value of our industry’s only credential
  • Provide guidance on certification exam preparation or navigating the recertification process
  • Assist in efficiently using study resources
  • Provide networking and/or interaction as is mutually beneficial

If you are a CMPP seeking an opportunity to help other medical publication professionals succeed, someone who champions good publication practices, or one who would like to see more professionals become CMPPs in your company or part of the world, mentoring may be for you.

ISMPP will provide an orientation and mentoring tools to assist our mentors in working with their mentees.

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“Through the process of mentorship, I realize not just how much I have learned, stored, experienced as a publication professional, but also how much I still have to learn!”  March 2022 CMPP Mentor

“...this has been particularly rewarding. Sharing knowledge…and mentoring colleagues towards success has been very fulfilling”  –September 2022 CMPP Mentor

Are You Considering ISMPP CMPP™ Certification or Recertification?  Not Sure Where to Start or How to Prepare?

Ask a Mentor!

ISMPP Mentors are CMPP certified and have a solid understanding of the certification exam and the recertification process. Mentors can assist applicants by:

  • Discussing the value of our industry's only credential
  • Providing guidance on certification exam preparation and using exam study resources
  • Assisting in understanding the recertification process
  • Providing networking and/or interaction as is mutually beneficial

We endeavor to match mentees with a qualified mentor in the same time zone, similar industry, and with the same native language whenever possible. 

Please note, for a successful mentor experience, mentor requests must be submitted at least 4 to 6 weeks before the start date of the exam window.

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“My Mentor was so helpful in giving me insight on strategies to prepare for the exam and it’s truly a program that is so helpful…”   –September 2021 Exam Candidate

“ISMPP did a brilliant job introducing the mentorship programme for the CMPP examination. Having a mentor helped me stay focused and offered me the support that I needed. It was great to engage in conversations on various topics and to learn from the mentor's experiences.”   March 2024 Exam Candidate

Exam Preparation Tools Developed by ISMPP for Mentees

Test Taking Tips

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