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ISMPP Member Stories

Everyone has a story. Tell us about yours! 

It's easy! Please use the form below to record a short, 2-3 minute (no more than 5 min.) video testimonial. You can approve your recording (and re-record if needed). If you have a few minutes to spare, please tell us about YOU and ISMPP

Your story will be featured in our member video gallery above. 

We value you. We value your experience, and we want to know about it and feature YOU! Some ideas:

  • How have you personally benefited from being a member?
  • What new friends did you make at our meetings?
  • How has ISMPP helped you with your career or professional goals? 
  • Why did you join ISMPP - and why should someone join?
  • How has ISMPP helped you give back to your profession?
  • We want to hear from you about any positive experience! 

This is really valuable to us, and helps us share your experience with others that might be considering membership and share the value of the Society.

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