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Episode 4: From Pixels to Patients: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence in Medical Communication

Guest hosted by Victoria Hart, this episode features industry experts Kelly Soldavin and Jon Viney discussing the current landscape and future implications of AI in medical publications from a publisher and agency perspective. From enhancing accessibility and readability through plain language summaries to addressing concerns such as data security and accuracy, the conversation delves into the potential benefits and challenges of integrating AI into content development processes. The discussion also highlights the importance of evolving policies and guidelines to navigate the ethical and practical considerations of AI adoption in medical communications. Tune in to gain insights into how AI is shaping the future of medical publishing and communication. View transcript

Victoria Hart is a Medical Associate at Open Health, Kelly Soldavin is a Senior Editor for the publisher Taylor & Francis Group, and Jon Viney is Senior Scientific Director at OPEN Health. 

Episode 3: A Conversation with Compliance

This episode of InformED is A Conversation with Compliance. Our guest host, Cassie Stox talks with two guests who have experience in company policies and procedures, compliance, publication processes and SOPs. Merry Saba and Megan Weigel share their experience and helpful insights into topics starting with why there is a compliance team to how the role of compliance has changed with the trends of the industry and finally, creating a positive dynamic between medical communicators and compliance teams. 

Cassie Stox is the VP of Media Strategy and Audience Insights at MedThink, Merry Saba is the Lead of Publication Standards at Sanofi, and Megan Weigel is the Medical Policy Advisor focusing in medical communications at Bristol-Myers Squibb.  View transcript.

Episode 2: Navigating the Non-negotiables

Prompted by historical flaws and suboptimal approaches, medical publications practice has evolved considerably over the last 20 years. Approaches to medical publications today are governed and regulated by a set of principles designed to ensure integrity, transparency, and an ethical approach. However, for those who are new to medical publications, it may not be clear where we started and how we have arrived at these principles.  Join our guest host, Steve Palmisano and guest Robert Wright as they continue to discuss this topic from their plenary session at the ISMPP 2023 Academy meeting. View transcript

Episode 1: Delivering Patient-Centric Publications

In this episode of InformED, guest host Adeline Rosenberg is joined by Trishna Bharadia and Gavin Jones, all current members of ISMPP's Patient Engagement Task Force. Adeline, Trishna, and Gavin discuss the importance of patient involvement in scientific publications and health information. Trishna shares her insights as a patient advocate and patient engagement consultant, while Gavin discusses his role as a patient-centricity leader at Open Health. Together, they explore ways to better incorporate the patient voice in the healthcare ecosystem and develop publications that are more patient-centric. Tune in to gain valuable insights on medical communications and patient engagement. View transcript

Our guest host, Adeline Rosenberg is a patient advocate and senior medical writer in the patient engagement team at Oxford PharmaGenesis. Her guests include Trishna Bharadia, patient advocate and patient engagement consultant; and Gavin Jones, patient-centricity lead at Open Health.

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