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ISMPP talks about key trends and issues facing medical communication and publication professionals in an ever-evolving field. 

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2021 Season

Episode 2: Innovation in medical communications: focus on the "How"

In a continuation of our previous discussion, let’s talk innovation and digital transformation in medical communications. There is a new sense of urgency to communicate research more rapidly and in innovative ways. But how is this best achieved? Find out in this edition of ISMPP’s InformED. Jennifer Ghith, Global Scientific Publications and Innovations Director at Pfizer will speak to how to keep pace with scientific information and communicate in ways that will meet the new expectations of stakeholders. Don’t miss this conversation moderated by guest host Leslie Rotz, Director of Digital Strategy and Operations at MedThink SciCom. 

Episode 1: Innovation in medical communications: focus on the "why"

Our first podcast of 2021 is part 1 of a 2-part discussion and spotlights the need for medical communication professionals to embrace innovative ways of communicating. This thought-provoking podcast features Jenny Ghith, MS, ISMPP CMPP™, Global Scientific Publications and Innovations Director, Pfizer Oncology, and is hosted by Leslie Rotz, MPS, Director, Digital Strategy & Operations, MedThink SciCom. Listen to their interesting discussion about digital transformation, plus current and future innovations with simultaneous publications, preprints, plain language summaries and much more!

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