ISMPP Ambassador Talking Points

Updated March, 2014

 Benefits to the Individual ISMPP Member

  • Provide greater value for your company and enhance your leadership by improving your skills and expanding your knowledge related to publications

  • Help reduce your company’s compliance risk by gaining an in-depth knowledge of legislative issues affecting medical publications (eg, Sunshine Act)

  • Stay current with ISMPP Us! The medical publication profession evolves quickly. Contribute to your company’s competitive edge by being one of the first to know about new publication trends and tactics

    • ISMPP Us are monthly webinars developed by your peers and presented by thought leaders on timely, practical topics, such as:
      • Obtaining and Maintaining Your ISMPP CMPPTM Credential

      • Pharma-Industry Researcher Collaborations With the Medical Community: What Are Appropriate Roles?

      • The 'Ins and Outs' of Open Access

      • Database and Record Retention to Assist Publication Planners

      • Anti-Bribery  & Corruption Laws: What Medical Publication Professionals Need to Know Challenging Cases in Publication

      • Planning: Focus on Authorship

      • Evaluating the Impact of a Publication: Tools Available for Publication Professionals

      • Is the Sun Shining on Medical Publications? An update from the ISMPP Sunshine Task Force

      • Publishing Industry-Sponsored Studies in Peer-Reviewed Journals: Are More Restrictions the Wave of the Future?

      • Challenging Cases in Publication Planning: Focus on Publication Development and Submission

      • Tools You Can Use: Update From the ISMPP Standards Committee

  • Add ISMPP CMPPTM certification to your resume to:

    • Enhance your expertise as a medical publication professional

    • Enhance your proficiency in good publication practices

    • Commit to ethical and transparent data dissemination standards

    • Provide your company with leadership in upholding and fostering integrity and excellence in medical publication

  • ISMPP provides a greater diversity of medical publication professionals than other communication-oriented societies. Build a sophisticated and savvy professional outlook by networking with ISMPP members from every section of the scientific publication landscape, including:
    • Journal publishers and editors

    • Pharmaceutical, biotech, and device professionals

    • Medical publications and communications agencies

    • Professional medical writers

    • Academic researchers

    • Legal/regulatory consultants

  • Join an ISMPP volunteer committee; help shape publication-related practices and educate the general public as to the value of the medical publication profession by participating in outreach, communications, and marketing efforts

  • Problem-solve quickly and effectively by utilizing ISMPP member website resources (eg, ISMPP Standards Handbook)

  • Networking

    • Share insights, organizational news, accolades, start and participate in topics of interest to your peers using social media (LinkedInTM, TwitterTM, ISMPP’s Community Circle)  and other professionally relevant information within a social media environment

    • Introduce people to committee activities as a first step to shape your profession/career

    • Take advantage of ISMPP’s many opportunities to contribute

  • ISMPP is the only not-for-profit professional organization dedicated to supporting medical publication professionals

  • ISMPP as a truly international organization will help you build a global perspective on the medical publication environment as more companies “go global”

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