ISMPP Educational Activities Overview

Education is a core component of the ISMPP mission.

We deliver education through the following regular vehicles:

Annual Meeting The Annual Meeting typically offers a 2.5-day program combining multiple keynotes, focused sessions on key issues, and panel and roundtable discussions, incorporating all stakeholders (including editors) into the conversations.
European Meeting The European Meeting offers a 1.5-day programme of presentations on key issues, panel discussions, and debate, similar in scope to the Annual Meeting, but with a focus on European publication practices.
Workshops Workshops are offered immediately before and after the Annual Meeting, and before the European Meeting. Additionally, we are considering ways to offer workshops in other regions and onsite at member companies.
ISMPP U This is a series of monthly webinars presented by thought leaders on timely issues. Attendance at all webinars is included with ISMPP membership.
Ad hoc Events These are offered as needed and focus on new or important topics that require immediate coverage.

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Typical Attendance


Annual: ~500


European: ~250


ISMPP U: 200+