CMPP Governance

The ISMPP Certification program is governed by the Certification Board of Trustees as required by the society's bylaws.

The ISMPP Certification Board shall serve as an independent and autonomous body within the ISMPP with respect to the development, evaluation, supervision, and administration of all Certification Program policies, procedures, and activities. The Board is also responsible for the financial management of the CMPP program.

The Credentialing Manager is responsible for the management of the day-to-day operations of the program. Elections for the Board are held annually. Please refer
to the ISMPP bylaws, article X (Certification Board) for details.

2014-2015 Certification Board (effective 8/1/2014)
Chair Steven Palmisano, MedThink SciCom*
Vice-Chair Michael Platt, MedVal Scientific Information Services*
Secretary Julliana Newman, AstraZeneca*
Trustee John Gonzalez, PhD, AstraZeneca*
Trustee Larry Kovalick, PharmD, Amgen*
Trustee Debra Wolinsky, MediTech Media*
Public Director Rebecca S. Finley, PharmD, MS, Thomas Jefferson University
Ex Officio LaVerne Mooney, MPH, DrPH, Pfizer

*ISMPP Certified Medical Publication Professional (CMPP)

We would like to thank Carol Sanes-Miller, Wendy Battisti, and Elizabeth Sesler for their time, dedication, and valuable contributions to ISMPP and the CMPP program.

Credentialing Policies and Procedures

The Credentialing Board of Trustees will from time to time be issuing or updating policies and procedures that relate to the CMPP program.

These are listed below for the information of certificants:

  • Click here: Certification Appeals Procedures

  • Click here: ISMPP Certification Board Nominations Committee Policy

  • Click here: ISMPP Certification Designation Use Policy

  • Click here: Certificant Use of CMPP™ Certification Marks and Credentials

  • Click here: ISMPP Recertification Policy














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