ISMPP Corporate Sponsors

On behalf of the organization, ISMPP would like to thank the many corporate sponsors the society has benefited from, both current and previous.  This support, coupled with the hard work of our many volunteers, has allowed ISMPP to establish itself as the premier organization in support of medical publication professionals.  We could not have accomplished this without our many benefactors!

Sponsoring ISMPP

ISMPP is a young professional society that relies on corporate sponsorship to ensure member dues remain at an acceptable level and ensuring we continue to remain true to our mission and vision.

To learn more about the ISMPP Corporate Sponsorship Program, please see the brief video overview below:

If you are interested in becoming an ISMPP sponsor please contact Kim Goldin.

ISMPP currently benefits from both corporate sponsors at various levels and in-kind sponsors. Please visit our sponsors' websites to learn more about them.

Corporate Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors

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Gold Sponsors

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Silver Sponsors

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Bronze Sponsors

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Current In-Kind Sponsors

alt   Design support for the 2014 European Meeting of ISMPP
alt     Graphic assistance with the 2014 European Meeting marketing campaign
alt   Graphic assistance with the 2013 ISMPP Membership Drive
alt       Co-produced ISMPP Corporate Sponsorship Video (top of page)
alt   Design support for the 10th Annual Meeting and on-going design support for the ISMPP certification program (CMPP)
alt   Social media consulting and support; ISMPP News Network (INN) production
  Design support of the 2013 ISMPP Membership Drive

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ISMPP is a young professional organization. In-kind services are greatly appreciated, as they help defray operational costs that can then be used to support other membership initiatives.

The following services may be of use to ISMPP:

Creative/Agency Functions
  • Design/creative services
  • Writing services
  • Printing services
Public Relations/Advertising
  • Public relations services/press releases
  • Advertising space in print or online
  • Copywriting
Publisher Services
  • Email blasts
  • Journal subscriptions
  • Textbook discounts for members
  • Airline travel (e.g., tickets for overseas speakers)
  • Meeting space (e.g, for one-off meetings of the Board of Trustees)

If you would like to offer in-kind support to ISMPP, please email Kim Goldin or call: +1 914 618 4453.

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Founding Sponsors


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Platinum:  6
Bronze: 3
In-Kind:  6
Founding (2005):  11