Standards & Guidelines Platform

This Platform establishes the protocol for standards and best practices for medical publication professionals, documents the processes, and establishes the basis for communicating this information to the ISMPP membership.

Included are the Ethics & Standards, Global Transparency & Trends committees.

Ethics & Standards Committee

This Committee endeavors to discover, document, and promote ethics and best practices in medical publications and publication planning to establish appropriate standards within the profession. Committee members will develop programs to ensure that the membership understands ethical standards as presented in the ISMPP Code of Ethics and how best to incorporate them into their professional practices. The Committee also promotes standards and best practices through the development of educational content, member resources, and innovative methods, approaches, and solutions to common challenges to enhance the professional practices of ISMPP members.

Proposed Remits for 2022-2023:

  • Review the Code of Ethics, as needed, to keep up-to-date with evolving practices

  • Provide guidance of practical application (eg, case studies) of the Code of Ethics for members and from different perspectives (eg, medical devices, small pharma, agency)

  • Finalize consolidation of the Standards Handbook into the ISMPP Publications Primer to create a single comprehensive resource

  • Develop articles on ethics in medical publications for journal publication

  • Continue development of resources for the ISMPP membership

  • Develop other "how-to" documents, practical tools, and checklists

  • Communication of Committee activities to society and other Committees via minutes/summary to be uploaded to the Committee Center

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Global Transparency & Trends Committee

The ISMPP Global Transparency & Trends will focus on understanding laws, regulations, and/or guidance related to the recording and disclosure of financial disbursements to health care providers secondary to their participation in the development of peer review publications. As an evolution from the Sunshine Act Task Force, however, the committee will engage in a broader remit to incrementally examine global laws, regulations, and guidance related to data transparency. In this manner, the committee will have a primary focus on providing education and guidance to ensure compliance and knowledge of industry best practices to membership at the global level. 

Proposed Remits for 2022-2023:

  • Develop and keep up-to-date a summary, e.g. text and tables of global reporting requirements for healthcare professionals

  • Provide similar summaries of individual country laws and professional organization policies

  • Update the Data Transparency Educational Series annually to include new information in the rapidly evolving landscape 

  • Include publication support and/or transfer of value (TOV) relevant language in global and country-specific summaries

  • Develop a 'Frequently Asked Questions' document

  • Revise relevant content for the ISMPP website, as needed

  • Communication of Committee activities to society and other Committees via minutes/summary to be uploaded to the Committee Center

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