Connect with Clients Virtually at ISMPP West

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Rotating Banner Sizes Needed (Showcase and Showcase Premium only)
Mobile: (1440x640)
Tablet Banner: (2048x388)
Web App Banner: (2034x450)

Want to truly shine? Check out these two sponsor enhancements. Opportunities are limited on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

  1. Roundtable Sponsor ($500) -- 4 opportunities

  2. 10-minutes added in our Agenda to host a Product Theater ($500) -- 2 opportunities:
    October 1,  12:45 pm – 12:55 pm PT
    or October 2, 12:45 pm – 12:55 pm PT

    ISMPP to Provide:

    • 10 minutes of uncompeted ‘stage’ time in the event agenda
    • Inclusion of the session in event promotions
    • Attendee satisfaction ratings of presentation post-event
    • Enduring materials on event website until November 30th (if recorded)
    • Conference management support for integration & logistics
    • Final approval of format (this is to ensure that formats are not duplicated)

    Sponsor to Provide:

    • Platform for participation and link to send to attendees
    • Any staffing needed for live technical execution of the event
    • Any speakers, performers, or emcee’s required for presentation
    • Description of event & any software pre-requisites to include in agenda
    • Any pre-reads, videos, or media that would need to be attached to the session in the online agenda
    • Design control of the content – featured products, initiative launches, recruitment, brand awareness, games, etc.
    • People will be coming back from their “lunch break” and about to join roundtables at 1:00pm.  Similar to an in-person exhibit hall, the more engaging you make your space, the more you will draw people in.  Consider including something form of entertainment as part of your presentation.  Examples of this could be:
      • A trivia challenge (crowdpurr, triviahub live,
      • An icebreaker (
      • Cocktail or cooking tutorial
      • Small group speed problem solving in Zoom