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ISMPP talks about key trends and issues facing medical communication and publication professionals in an ever-evolving field.

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2020 Season: Expanding the Reach of Medical Communications

6/9/2020 - Episode 1: Measuring Publication Value: What are impact metrics for publications? 

How do we TRULY measure the reach of a publication?  Impact factor, circulation, Altmetrics are some examples of accepted measures of publication impact. At the end of the day, it is important to know if a medical publication supports enhanced healthcare decision making for patients. Join us for 
InformED where we chat about traditional metrics and new ways to estimate the real-world impact of publications. 

 6/30/2020 - Episode 2: Plain Language Summaries: Best Practices

It is well established that plain language summaries are becoming a standard in translating medical evidence for broader use and understanding. How are they best prepared? Where can they be stored? How do we avoid them being deemed promotional? Hear about this and more in our next edition of InformED where we discuss best practices for plain language summaries.

7/21/2020 - Episode 3: Open Access: Opportunities and Challenges

Conceptually, providing free open access to scientific and medical research makes intuitive sense.  Why would research be maintained behind a paywall when we know that it will further science and benefit patients? On the other hand, it has been challenged that industry sponsored research should not be open access.  Also, journals struggle with their operational models in an open access world. Join us for InformED where we tackle the issue of open access during a spirited discussion. 

 Episode 4: Digital Enhancements: Which are worth the investment? 

Publication enhancements are all the talk these days. Expanding the reach. Moving beyond publication. There are so many options to enhance the availability of data and improve understanding. Are they ALL worth the investment?  Which really work and which are just shiny new toys?  Find out in this edition of InformED. 

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