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Robert Matheis

President and CEO
CMPP Certified: (2/2009)

Bio: Dr. Matheis has a long tenure within scientific and medical communications and has been an integral part of ISMPP for more than a decade. He joined ISMPP in July of 2019 from his role as the Executive Director and Head of Global Scientific Communications at Celgene Corporation. Previously, he was Senior Director of Evidence Based Medical Communications at Sanofi. Rob began his ISMPP journey as inaugural Chair of the ISMPP Credentialing Board of Trustees, with oversight of examination development and establishment of credentialing criteria. He also served as the 7th President of the ISMPP Board of Trustees. During his tenure, Rob was an influential champion for transitioning ISMPP governance to a permanent board-appointed President and CEO. Most recently, Rob has been Chair of the ISMPP Global Transparency and Trends Committee and a Workstream Lead for the ISMPP Authorship Selection Best Practices Task Force. His professional interests include establishing the value proposition for medical affairs and enriching the role of medical publication professionals to include medical communication capabilities. Dr. Matheis is a licensed clinical psychologist with specializations in behavioral statistics, neuropsychology, and organizational psychology. He is well-published with an extensive bibliography covering brain and spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and alternative medicine. Outside of work, Rob enjoys spending time with his family, staying active, and volunteering with various community organizations.

Rintaro Mori

Regional Adviser, Asia and the Pacific Regional Office
United Nations Population Fund

Bio: Professor Mori is Regional Advisor on Population Ageing and Sustainable Development at UNFPA Asia-Pacific Office. After paediatric training in Japan, he practiced in Australia, Nepal and the UK as a senior paediatrician and studied epidemiology/public health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine before involved in guideline development for NICE, UK. He has also actively been involved in research/aid-works in Madagascar, Bangladesh and Mongolia, as well as research in health systems and womens and children's health at the both national and global level. He was appointed as Director of Department of Health Policy at the National Center for Child Health and Development and Professor in Health Policy for Families and Children at Kyoto University, where he pursed his research on the life-course approach to achieve sustainable social and health care systems in the context of population ageing since 2012, before taking up his current role in 2018. He is also the Editor of Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth and has authored over 200 scientific publications.

Kerisha Naidoo

Head of Medical Excellence & Operations, Medical
Biogen Japan

Bio: Kerisha Naidoo, B.Med, MPharm, MPS, MBA, is the Head of Medical Excellence & Operations at Biogen Japan, based in Tokyo. She has more than 20 years of experience in the clinical and pharmaceutical industries in Australia, New Zealand, US, UK and Asia Pacific, within the healthcare sector, NHS, pharmaceutical and biotech companies. She has held different positions across Medical Affairs, Pharmacovigilance and R&D. Data-generation and publications are one of the functions she leads in Biogen Japan.