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Kazuhiro Hayashi

Senior Research Fellow

Bio: After developing a digital tracking system for a journal when he was a graduate student of the University of Tokyo, he has been in Scholarly publishing and communication since 1995, in a wide variety of roles. At Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ), he worked successively as an Editor, a Production Manager, an E-journal Manager, and a Promotion Manager. Covering a broad range of roles in publishing, he is focused on scholarly communication through E-journals, and he improved the way publishing is managed, including Open Access, through his skills involving information technology. With long experience and insights with birds'-eye-view in scholarly publishing, he has been involved in advocacy activities with various stakeholders such as Publishers (STM, ALPSP, Libraries (SPARC Japan), Administrators (MEXT), and Research Communities (Science Council of Japan, IUPAC) for better scholarly communication. He moved from CSJ to NISTEP in 2012 and his current focus is on policy implication of open science and open access, while developing a new way to foresight science and technology trends. He is an expert member of the working party on Open Science for G7 Science and Technology Ministry meeting, and the OECD/GSF project of Open Science as well as the Cabinet Office in Japan.

Blair Hesp

Managing Director
Kainic Medical Communications

Type of Company:
Communications Agency
Professional Degrees: CMPP, PhD
Other Degrees*: NZDipBus
CMPP Certified: 9/2014

Bio: Blair Hesp is Managing Director of Kainic Medical Communications, a boutique international agency previously named the most innovative company in marketing and communications in New Zealand. He has more than 10 years experience in medical communications and intellectual property law, working across the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions, and is the lead author of an upcoming peer-reviewed publication of the same title as his presentation.