Exhibitor Kit

Thank you for supporting ISMPP via the purchase of an exhibit stand at the 2020 European Meeting of ISMPP.

To assist you with the many details associated with both the 2m and 3m stands, we have created this resource to help guide you throughout the process and provide you with key deadlines.

At any time, if you require assistance or have any questions, please contact: Sue Marek at [email protected] or [email protected].

We wish you much success in London! Also, please note the key deadlines

Exhibitor Handbook

The following details are covered below:

Venue + Book Your Stay Decorations + Furnishings  Exhibitor Treasure Hunt Program
Networking Electric + Internet Connectivity  Attendee List
Exhibitor Registration Info Meeting App Marketing and Social Media
Exhibit Hall Hours Custom Slides (3m Stands Only) ISMPP Onsite Team
Your Deliveries to Venue Shipping to etc.venues - Bishopsgate


Venue + Book Your Stay

155 Bishopsgate is a large conference, event and exhibition venue with a fantastic location next to Liverpool St. Station in London.

etc.venues - Bishopsgate
155 Bishopsgate
London, England, UK

Web: https://www.etcvenues.co.uk/venues/155bishopsgate

To find directions to the Meetingclick here.

For more information on public transportclick here.

Book Your Stay

155 Bishopsgate is a large conference, event and exhibition venue located next to Liverpool St. Station in The City of London. Although there are no lodging accommodations available onsite, there are several in the general vicinity. 

To find lodging accommodations nearby, click here.

Click for a local list of restaurants if you were looking to entertain clients or colleagues.

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Networking Opportunities

Here are some of the networking opportunities available at the 2020 European Meeting of ISMPP.

Daily scheduled events include:

  • Daily Continental Breakfast held in the exhibit hall

  • AM and PM refreshment breaks held in exhibit hall

  • Daily luncheon held in the exhibit hall

ISMPP Member Poster Presentation Assembly and Networking Reception
Sponsored by Takeda
Tuesday, 21 January @ 17:30 - 19:00

Directly following the conclusion of the General Session on Tuesday afternoon and will be held in the Exhibit Hall.

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Exhibitor Registration Information

Based on the size of the exhibit stand your company has purchased, you are entitled to the following number of Meeting Passes (Full Pass and Exhibit Hall Only Pass):

 Pass Type
+ Size
ISMPP Membership Required* General
Exhibits Meals, Networking + Breaks Fee to upgrade to a Full Pass
Exhibits-Only 1 Pass 1 Pass N/A N/A X X $500 USD
Full Pass
2 Passes 1 Pass X* X X X N/A

*All exhibitors utilizing a Full Pass must be current members of the Society at the time of the 2020 European Meeting.  If registering for a Full Pass and you are not a current member of ISMPP, click here to join.

*NOTE: ISMPP will manually register your exhibit representatives and send a confirmation to each. 

To register your Exhibit Stand representatives, please contact Sue Marek at [email protected]. Sue will manually register your Stand Reps.

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Exhibit Hall Hours

 Days Monday, 20 Jan Tuesday, 21 Jan Wednesday, 22 Jan
 Setup Hours 15:30 - 21:00
(3:30pm - 9:00pm)
07:30 - 08:00  
Exhibit Hall Hours   08:00 - 19:00 08:00 - 16:00

NOTE! The exhibit hall must be dismantled and clear of any debris by 17:30 on Wednesday, 22 January.

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Your Deliveries to Venue

Click below to download the Venue Access Pack provided by etc.venues, which gives detailed information on loading bay instructions, delivery, parking, lift access, etc.

I am also attaching the client material label the venue provided to ensure a smooth flow of client materials into the venue. Etc.venues recommends that each exhibitor affix these labels to your incoming packages so all details are covered.

etc venues Venue Access Pack
Client Materials Label

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Decorations + Furnishings

Please note that each exhibit stand includes:

  • Skirted table (130cm (l) x 60cm (w) x 72cm (h) )

  • Chairs (2 provided to 2m stands; 3 provided to 3m stands)

If interested in additional furniture, please contact Neil Thompson at [email protected].

Please note the final day to hire furniture is Friday, 10 January.

3m Stand Measurements
2m Stand Measurements*
3m (width)
2m (width)
2m (depth)
2m (depth)

The space you are allocated will be clearly marked to assist you in understanding the boundaries of the space, as well as that of your neighbours’.  Please note that the sides of your exhibit should not exceed 4’ to maintain the integrity of the sight lines between exhibits.


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Electric + Internet Connectivity

Please note that electrical outlets will be available to you for your stand at no additional cost. As exhibitors will utilize the available outlets throughout the Centre, please be sure to bring a power strip(s), should you require multiple electric outlets.

etc.venues offers a free WiFi internet connection at all times; An accessibility code will be provided by the venue on the days of the event. Wired Internet access is available at an additional cost and would need to be ordered from Neil Thompson at [email protected] no later than 14 days prior to the event.

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Meeting 'App'

ISMPP is please to partner with Crystal Interactive for the European Meeting Smartphone application (‘app’)

As an exhibitor, you will be featured within the ‘app’ to allow for the attendees to locate your space in the Exhibit Hall, as well as find you after the meeting has concluded.

To assist ISMPP with the process, we need to receive some important information from you. 

Sue Marek will reach out to each exhibitor for important information for the Meeting App' 

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Custom Slides (3m Stands Only)

Deadline: Friday, 10 January

Before the meeting convenes each day, as well as during the course of all breaks, a revolving PowerPoint slide deck will be shown in the General Session auditorium.  All exhibitors taking a 3m stand are entitled to design and send two (2) slides each to be included in the deck.

NOTE: All submissions are to be static slides. Any slide sent with transitions/animations will be returned to your organization for changes.  

Upon completion, please send slide designs to Sue Marek at [email protected].

All slides must be received no later than Friday, 10 January.

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Shipping to etc.venues - 155 Bishopsgate

If needing to ship materials in advance of the 2020 European Meeting of ISMPP, etc.venues-Bishopsgate asks that items be delivered no earlier than Friday 17 January and with all items clearly labeled with the event name, full venue address and exhibitor details.

To ensure they arrive at the proper destination, please label your shipments as follows:

ATTN: Iulia Iftime
etc.venues-155 Bishopsgate
1st Floor
155 Bishopsgate
EC2M 3TP, London UK

Event title: 2020 European Meeting of ISMPP
Dates of event: 21 & 22 January 2020
Name of exhibiting company: (provide your company)

Please note on each package:
Number of items: i.e. 1 of 4
Brief description: i.e. meeting leaflets
Your company name: i.e. Joe Blogg & Co
Your contact person onsite: i.e. John Smith

If you are arranging for a courier to pick up your items at the conclusion of the meeting, they can be 
picked up between 16:00 & 18:00 on Wednesday, 22 January. Please ensure all items are fully labeled at the conclusion of the conference. Alternatively, etc.venues will be happy to store your items for up to 24 hours if you prefer to arrange a pick the day after the meeting.
NOTE! Neither ISMPP, nor etc.venues are responsible for packaging and shipping of exhibit materials.  Please be sure to make arrangements for your booth representatives or independent shipping professionals are in place in advance to assist with such needs. 

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Exhibitor Treasure Hunt Program (formerly Exhibit Passport Program)

ISMPP will be conducting a Treasure Hunt through the Meeting App specifically via our name badges which will be interactive this year!  This initiative is designed to add excitement to the Exhibit Hall as prizes will be raffled to those attendees who complete the Treasure Hunt by visiting all exhibit stands. We find this program helps to drive stand traffic.

To increase the buzz around this program, we invite you and your organization to provide a prize to be raffled off. It can be as token or grand as you would like, but the more prizes we have to offer, the more incentive for attendees to visit all exhibits! During the drawing, ISMPP will randomly select a name of those attendees who have visited all exhibitor stands.

Please note we will need to be informed of your organization's participation and prize offered no later than Friday, 10 January.  ISMPP will not require the prize itself in advance; You can provide it onsite to the ISMPP staff. 

If interested in providing a raffle prize for the Treasure Hunt Program, please contact Sue Marek at [email protected]

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Attendee List

Included in all exhibit packages, ISMPP will provide the complete attendee registration list with email addresses, no later than Friday, 10 January.

Please note this list is for one-time use, which will be strictly monitored.  Also, using this list for recruitment or job placement outreach by your organization is prohibited. (no job recruitment outreach)

Important: Due to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, ISMPP has included an “opt-out of marketing solicitations” feature in our registration form. This feature provides attendees the option to opt-out of receiving any marketing-based communications. Those who opt-out will not appear on the Attendee List you receive prior to the meeting

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Marketing and Social Media

Your exhibit at the 2020 European Meeting plays an important role in exposing current and prospective clients to your services. You can help expand the attendee roster by encouraging your clients and colleagues to attend the meeting; expand your potential return on investment while supporting ISMPP.

To assist you in your marketing efforts, ISMPP has created a Marketing Kit. You will find a selection of banners, in a few different sizes, which you can use in your signature or on your organziation's website.  Click Marketing Kit to access.

alt Additionally, be sure to follow us on Twitter (@ISMPP) and include #ISMPPEU20 on all European Meeting Tweets!
Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook for all the latest updates on the 2020 European Meeting

alt  ISMPP also has a LinkedIn Group for additional exposure. Please remember that posts on LinkedIn should not be commercially-based; Posts deemed inappropriate will be declined.

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Your ISMPP Meeting Team

Should you have any needs or questions pertaining to your exhibit, please feel free to continue to email:  [email protected].


Sue Marek
[email protected]


Neil Thompson
[email protected]

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10 January 2020
Custom slides due (3m stands only)

6 January 2020
Exhibitor registration information due

10 January 2020
Additional Furniture Orders

20-21 January 2020
Exhibit Setup

22 January 2020
Exhibit Breakdown

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