Asia-Pacific Platform


This Platform serves as the cornerstone of the society's efforts to support those involved in publications within this burgeoning region.

Included are the Asia-Pacific Advisory Committee (APAC) and the Asia-Pacific Education Task Force (APET).

Asia-Pacific Advisory Committee (APAC)

Working with appropriate member(s) of the ISMPP BOT and ISMPP staff, this Committee will develop ISMPP’s strategic and tactical plans for the Asia-Pacific region, including educational and advocacy-related activities, the appropriate adaptation of existing member benefits, and how to best implement in a standardized manner. Interface with Committees as appropriate.

In conjunction with the AP Education Task Force (APET), the ISMPP Board of Trustees and staff, the APAC will develop a live, one-day educational meeting in the APAC region to take place in Q3 of 2019. 

The APAC is not included in the Annual Volunteer Drive. 

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Asia-Pacific Education Task Force (APET)

This Committee is responsible for implementing the strategic goals and tactics developed by the ISMPP Board of Trustees and Asia-Pacific Advisory Committee This Committee will work in concert with other ISMPP Committees to achieve these goals.

Proposed Remits for 2018-2019

  • Provide quarterly region-specific ISMPP U Webinars for the membership; ideally to develop annual plan of topic ideas
  • Actively contribute to the APAC membership drive as appropriate. For example promoting publicly available ISMPP U’s and regional meetings to personal networks.
  • Begin outlining educational programming and theme ideas for the 2019 APAC region educational activities
  • Develop outreach to potential sponsors for Asia-Pacific meetings and other activities in the region; work with Sponsorship Committee to target regional geographical companies to sponsor regional meetings and/or events, in addition to sponsorships by global/international companies
  • Assist in informing ISMPP educational content initiatives, as needed (eg, Annual and European Meetings, ISMPP Us, etc.)
  • Communicate Committee activities to society and other Committees via minutes/summary to be uploaded to the Committee Center



The APET is not included in the Annual Volunteer Drive.

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