The references listed below by domain provide suggested reading material to aid the CMPP candidate in studying and preparing for the CMPP Certification Exam. In some instances, a reference may be applicable to more than one domain. In such cases, the reference is categorized by the most relevant domain. Please note that the study materials are provided as a guide, and are in no way intended as an exhaustive list of all available information.

Domain I: Publication Plan Development

Baker N, Traynor R. Gap Analysis. International Society for Medical Publication Professionals Web Site. 2011 European Meeting of ISMPP. Workshop presented Nov. 15, 2011.

Gonzalez J, Feeney S, Scott S. Publication planning best practices US vs ex-US.
International Society for Medical Publication Professionals Web site. ISMPP U Webinar.
Talk presented October 13, 2010.

Wager E. Getting research published: an A to Z of publication strategy. Oxford, England:
Radcliffe Publishing Ltd; 2010.

Wittek MR, Williams MJ, Carlson AM. Evidence development and publication planning:
strategic process. CMRO. 2009;25(11):2723-2727.

Additional Resources

Domain II:   Tactical Plan Development
Domain III: Publication Plan Implementation
Domain IV:  Professional Responsibilities