Outreach Platform

This Platform is responsible for the overall communication of the Society’s core principles, mission, and objectives as well as the marketing, and public relations activities outside the membership.

Included is the Advocacy and Outreach Committee.

Advocacy & Outreach Committee

This Committee endeavors to extend and execute ISMPP’s advocacy platform by improving external understanding of the value of medical publications and the role of medical publication professionals, responding to scrutiny and criticism of the industry, and educating, both externally and internally, on specific areas of misunderstanding related to best practices.

Remits for 2015-2016

  • Continue development of the following platforms:

    • Advocacy/government
    • Coalitions
    • External responses, including proactive and reactive

  • Approach professional industry societies (eg, ABPI, PhRMA, BIO, Advamed, etc.) to determine what they consider important for ISMPP to do, eg, publications on best practices, ethics, etc.

  • Approach HEOR groups (eg, ISPOR) to discuss collaborations

  • Develop and implement advocacy plans for the press and other societies, in addition to government advocacy

  • Assist in informing ISMPP educational content initiatives (eg, Annual and European Meetings, ISMPP Us, etc.)

  • Communicate Committee activities to society and other Committees via minutes/summary to be uploaded to the Committee Center

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