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Rachel Jones

Patient Engagement Consultant
admedicum Business for Patients GmbH & Co KG

Bio: Rachel Jones started her career as a Community Pharmacist in the UK Healthcare system and she quickly realised that her role was most valuable when she equipped people with the information and tools to understand their own health and the medicines that were needed as part of their care. In her most recent role within AstraZeneca, Rachel has been charged with inputting the patient centric strategy as a Global, companywide initiative. One of her key land mark projects has been to facilitate a consumer charter for the company which was led by patients and their families to add insight and direction to the way in which a large corporate body conducts its business. She is also mid way through her masters in Behavioural Change and is the senior author on a peer reviewed manuscript which was published in the BMJ in 2016 in relation to patient centricity.

Kay Koyander

Global Publications Leader, Global Medical Affairs

Type of Company:
Professional Degrees: BA/BS
CMPP Certified: 3/2015

Bio: Since graduating with a Bachelor Science (hons) degree in Pharmacology Kay has spent the past 32 years in various roles in the pharmaceutical industry sector. Initially in R&D with ICI, she moved into Medical Sales with Astra when they launched their new CV division, before moving back to ICI which subsequently became Zeneca, and then AstraZeneca. The various different roles she has enjoyed during this time, in the therapeutic areas of Oncology and Cardiovascular have included Territory Business Manager, Marketing Research Executive, Product Manager and Therapy Marketing Manager for emerging markets. Since 2004 Kay has been in a Global Publication role at AstraZeneca responsible for publication strategy and implementation, for key therapeutic areas of the business, including Cardiovascular and Infection. Based in Cambridge, UK, Kay is currently a Global Publication Lead working in the respiratory area, a member of ISMPP since 2010, and is a Certified Medical Publication Professional.

Paul Lane

Associate Director Medical Communications
Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc

Type of Company:
Professional Degrees: BA/BS, CMPP, PhD
CMPP Certified: (3/2010)

Bio: Paul conducted his Doctoral research into the physiological roles of nitric oxide at Weill Medical College of Cornell University. After serving on the faculty at Weill, Paul worked as a freelance consultant specializing in start-up grants for biotechnology companies, before transitioning full-time to medical publications. He has been a publications professional for over 10 years and has worked on programs spanning all stages of drug development in a variety of therapeutic areas. Until recently, Paul was responsible for Digital and Social Media strategy at Envision Pharma Group, but has now moved on to run publication programs for various rare diseases at Biomarin. The shift from print to web-based publications has been an area of interest since Paul authored a review in one of the first online journals (Science:STKE) in 2001. Much has changed since then, with journals and congresses now offering a plethora of enhancements and the rise of social media as a channel for information dissemination. These additions not only change the way in which medical information is consumed, but also the methods we use to assess the impact of a publication.

Asa Lommele

PhD, Scientific Communications
Alexion Pharma GmbH

Type of Company:
Professional Degrees: CMPP, PhD
CMPP Certified: (9/2015)

Bio: Asa's background includes many years of experience in research, with a PhD in molecular microbiology from Uppsala University (Sweden) in 1996. She performed post doctorate work at Centre de Recheche Scientifique (CNRS, Strasbourg, France), was Chief Scientific Officer of the start-up VitiGen AG (Germany), and technology transfer consultant (Sweden). Currently, Asa is Associate Director in Scientific Communications at Alexion Pharma International (Switzerland). She has extensive experience in publication planning in the ultra-orphan disease environment. She earned her CMPP credential in 2015.

Alison Lovibond

Director, Scientific & Editorial Services
Articulate Science

Type of Company:
Communications Agency
Professional Degrees: BA/BS, CMPP, PhD
CMPP Certified: (3/2017)

Bio: Alison Lovibond is currently Director, Scientific and Editorial Services for Articulate Science, part of Nucleus Global. She has over 12 years of experience of strategic publications planning and delivery, gained within medical communications agencies. Alison holds a PhD in cellular biology from the University of London and has been CMPP certified since 2011.