Asia-Pacific Platform

This Platform will serve as the cornerstone of the society's efforts to support those involved in publications within this burgeoning region.

Included are the Asia-Pacific Advisory Committee (APAC) and the Asia-Pacific Education Task Force (APET).

Asia-Pacific Advisory Committee (APAC)

Working with appropriate member(s) of the ISMPP BOT and ISMPP staff, this group will develop ISMPP’s strategic and tactical plans for the Asia-Pacific region, including educational and advocacy-related activities, the appropriate adaptation of existing member benefits, and how to best implement in a standardized manner. Interface with Committees as appropriate.

The APAC is not included in the Annual Volunteer Drive.

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Asia-Pacific Education Task Force (APET)

This Committee is responsible for implementing the strategic goals and tactics developed by the APAC. This Committee will work in concert with other ISMPP Committees to achieve these goals.

Remit for 2014-2015

  • Develop 12-month education program for the APAC region with regular educational activities, workshop materials, etc.

  • Develop outreach to potential sponsors for AP meetings and other activities in the region; work with Sponsorship Committee to target regional geographical companies to sponsor regional meetings and/or events, in addition to sponsorships by global/international companies

  • Assist in informing ISMPP educational content initiatives (eg, Annual and European Meetings, ISMPP Us, etc.)

  • Communication of Committee activities to society and other Committees via minutes/summary to be uploaded to the Committee Center

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